We Are Honest We Are Kind And Helpful We Listen  We Look After Property  We Work Hard

We are honest
(Christian Value - Honesty) 

We are kind and helpful
(Christian Value - Kindness) 

We look after property
(Christian Value - Respect) 

We listen
(Christian Value - Courtesy) 

We work hard
(Christian Value - Perseverance) 



Years 5 & 6 are our Playground buddies and they are on duty to help you find a friend to play with and help you sort out any issues. If you need someone to play with, wait at the Friendship stop - you won't be there for long! 

Our School, Eco and FairTrade Councils alongside our sport Bronze Ambassadors make sure that children's ideas are heard in school and they help plan projects to further improve our school. For more information visit their pages on the website.